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Yep, Jake is up to no good (timecode theory).

You know how when Jake’s watching his monitors of Olivia’s abode there’s that trusty timecode for different cameras in the lower right hand corner?  I noticed it for the first time last night when Olivia confronted Jake about the spying.  Now the camera and timecode say - LR1 - 60656.  As timecode always does - the numbers increase from there.  When Jake tells Olivia that he’s trying to protect her from him (aka some mystery silent killer) the time code has increased up to 61512 and continues.

Remember the episode before last?  2.17 titled Snake in the Garden?  Take a look back at the scene where Jake is reviewing footage from Osbourne’s visit to Olivia’s apartment.  We see trusty camera LR1 again and you know what the time code says?  You guessed it.  The time code starts at 64190 and increases from there.  

There’s a reason why timecode never lies and it’s increasingly difficult to modify it.  Yet we see no such modification here and I doubt Scandal wanted to pull that many teeth to show that.  The only discrepancy I can find is that in 2.16 when Jake sits on Olivia’s couch smiling at the camera - LR1 has the time code 60961.  Granted this could be due to the cameras being reset every Wed.

Let’s also remember how in 2.16 how Jake was wearing a ski mask when he infiltrated the photographer’s apartment.

So yeah, I think those who guessed that Jake is the one who pre-recorded himself breaking into Liv’s apartment maybe right.  You have to hand it to the guy.  He thinks of every scenario.  The box in the storage locker was clearly meant for Liv and not Huck.  I think he was gonna kidnap Liv and make it look like someone else was responsible.   Reminds me of the line from the live action Casper movie back in the day:

"Can I keep you?"


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    Yes, yes, yes, yes! I just rewatched those scenes. Great catch! Now we have even more proof. =)
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    Very smart analysis! I think your theory is correct!! I also think that Jake planted the box, and that Charlie, keeping...
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    I was just sharing the cued tape theory with a friend, but didn’t have the proof. This is fantastic.
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    The plot does thicken and we have to wait three weeks? Sigh…way to go ABC Scheduling! Grrrrrrrrrr!
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